Guarro Casas fosters research and development into new technologies that will help to mitigate the impact of climate change as well as to permit the sustainable and efficient use of natural resources.

Our maintenance department works to develop new technical solutions that allow it to progressively reduce energy and water consumption, the two resources that we use most in our paper production processes.

Another priority is the pursuit of innovation in products that cater to market needs. This is the case of the more sustainable papers, which are becoming an excellent alternative to plastic in industrial and household use.

This new market trend is now a reality in our company, where we manage recycled, recyclable and biodegradable papers (originating in green and CO2-neutral fibre) that generate no type of waste and contribute to a positive perception of paper in modern society.

One novelty in this regard is the development of a new paper which, with a special heat-sealable treatment, imitates plastic and provides high strength and transparency. Using it may lead to a substantial reduction in plastic in numerous corporate applications: folders, box files, catalogues, etc.

Circular economy

The circular economy is an economic concept that we are also developing at Guarro Casas. By cooperating with different partners from a wide range of sectors, we are currently involved in three innovative projects related to sustainability, where the availability of new types of paper will make it possible to obtain products with a high added value that do not generate waste, using resources that permit its subsequent recycling and reuse.

Sustainable technology

One example of eco-innovation is the use of sustainable technologies, such as the Azure portal used by Guarro Casas, which enables it to administer different applications hosted on cloud service platforms (databases, webs, back-end for mobile applications, etc.) with lower energy consumption and a more carbon-neutral emissions grid.