Five packaging trends consolidated in 2022 to attract consumers

Although every year begins with trend forecasts which may or may not work out, now, halfway through the year, we can already ascertain which trends actually prevailed. In packaging, which is needed to attract the attention of consumers at the shelves, the presentation chosen is key in catching their eye. Clients are becoming increasingly more […]
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Fabrics for coating: raw materials and certification

Paper is the coating material par excellence in providing numerous finishes (and therefore sensations) in publishing or, in some specific cases, packaging applications. Nevertheless, there are other substrates that can add even greater prestige to certain projects since they are related to a deluxe image. Thanks to the visual and tactile effect that they generate, […]
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How sustainable is a paper?

Both virgin-fibre and recycled paper, when used in the right proportions in industry, can be sustainable. The key lies in striking a balance between them to achieve maximum sustainability of each one and to reduce the impact on the planet. If previously we analysed four variables for ascertaining which type of paper is “friendlier” in […]
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Beyond colour models

Colour models allow us to “standardise” hues between different designers and printers and communicate simply in the same language. In the previous post, we looked at las diferencias entre RGB, CMYK, CIELAB y HLS, recapping on their main characteristics and analysing their applications, although sometimes, the boundaries of creation go much further.     Some companies have […]
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How can we achieve a measured tone?

Colour is one of the indispensable elements that define a graphic project, be it physical or digital, and can go a long way to influencing how objects are perceived visually by consumers. A hue can convey an idea or concept, it can take us somewhere, make us feel specific sensations… However, to do this, we […]
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Certificates marked in paper making

On the packing or in the documents that describe a paper’s characteristics there are symbols that indicate certain aspects of the material purchased, both in terms of sustainability and the materials used, and even the production process used to make them. However, first of all we need to know that there are two types of […]
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From concept to paper

Does protecting the oceans have anything to do with paper? In our case the answer is yes, particularly when this material is chosen to turn the spotlight on protecting this marine space, the need to look after its species and also becomes the perfect ally to help this vulnerable ecosystem keep plastics at bay. Last […]
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There is no doubt that one of our mottos is that paper is alive: many years of experience working on a daily basis with this material have shown us how it evolves and changes through its interaction with external factors, although at first sight it would appear to be an inanimate object. Humidity, light, pressure… […]
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