Beyond colour models

Colour models allow us to “standardise” hues between different designers and printers and communicate simply in the same language. In the previous post, we looked at las diferencias entre RGB, CMYK, CIELAB y HLS, recapping on their main characteristics and analysing their applications, although sometimes, the boundaries of creation go much further.     Some companies have […]
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How can we achieve a measured tone?

Colour is one of the indispensable elements that define a graphic project, be it physical or digital, and can go a long way to influencing how objects are perceived visually by consumers. A hue can convey an idea or concept, it can take us somewhere, make us feel specific sensations… However, to do this, we […]
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Certificates marked in paper making

On the packing or in the documents that describe a paper’s characteristics there are symbols that indicate certain aspects of the material purchased, both in terms of sustainability and the materials used, and even the production process used to make them. However, first of all we need to know that there are two types of […]
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From concept to paper

Does protecting the oceans have anything to do with paper? In our case the answer is yes, particularly when this material is chosen to turn the spotlight on protecting this marine space, the need to look after its species and also becomes the perfect ally to help this vulnerable ecosystem keep plastics at bay. Last […]
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There is no doubt that one of our mottos is that paper is alive: many years of experience working on a daily basis with this material have shown us how it evolves and changes through its interaction with external factors, although at first sight it would appear to be an inanimate object. Humidity, light, pressure… […]
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Colour trends in 2021

It is no secret that trends change year upon year, and colour is no exception. Besides the fashion industry, graphic design is also impacted by these up-and-coming hues, since they catch consumers’ eyes and help products to stand out on the shelf. One of the benchmarks in the choice of the colour par excellence that […]
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How to print recycled paper to obtain an optimal result

A good paper job, apart from the fact that it should be done correctly, is also impacted by the processing techniques applied to it afterwards, meaning that due consideration must be given to several other factors to guarantee a stellar outcome. If creative papers made of virgin fibre need this degree of “pampering” because the […]
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How do we prevent paper from ageing over the years?

One of the decisive factors involved in creating a paper project is to choose a bright colour that represents the concept perfectly. However, there is another aspect that is sometimes overlooked but is no less essential if we are to obtain good quality beyond the initial visual impact: that it keep its hue over time.   […]
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Worldwide expansion and technological breakthroughs

In the previous post ( LINK) we revisited the history of paper from its early days as a successor to papyrus and parchment as a writing substrate until it began to be manufactured by paper mills and was eventually sold all over the world. However, in order to step up production and to be able […]
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