Five packaging trends consolidated in 2022 to attract consumers

Although every year begins with trend forecasts which may or may not work out, now, halfway through the year, we can already ascertain which trends actually prevailed. In packaging, which is needed to attract the attention of consumers at the shelves, the presentation chosen is key in catching their eye. Clients are becoming increasingly more appreciative of a comprehensive experience, which includes a container for the products they purchase. We shall now take a look at the main factors that should be considered in a packaging in 2022.

Sustainability through materials

It is undoubtedly one of the trends in packaging that has gained greatest traction in recent years and will be with us for many more to come. This debate is now more prevalent than ever with the latest regulations intended to limit the use of plastic containers in sectors such as food. The fact that consumers are increasingly more concerned about the waste they generate also affects the choice of materials.

This is why substrates such as paper, ecological, sustainable and biodegradable, are beginning to take on greater importance. The FSC or PEFC certifications, as well as the use of recycled fibres, make this substrate the perfect option for accomplishing this mission. However, paper made with virgin fibre is also a totally valid alternative on account of its characteristics. In fact, there are three variables involved in detecting the sustainability of this material  and in achieving environmentally-friendly packaging.

Reuse: a new lease of life for packaging

Making provision for the sustainability of packaging when it is disposed of is complemented by a prior step: its reuse. Good design is conducive to a second use. To accomplish this mission, the packaging must be appealing enough for the consumer to want to keep it and use it for decoration or on account of its functionality. Combining and matching the materials chosen, originality and the right strength to permit this second lease of life are of paramount importance in offering consumers this possibility.

Personalisation to make the consumer feel special

Every brand has an essence, a philosophy, values. And therefore a packaging that is different to the rest. What is more, people want a unique experience that makes them feel special. An object’s packaging can be a lot more than a mere wrapping. The capacity to personalise has become one of the key design trends.

This is why it is important to offer designers tailor-made material options in order to achieve the perfect substrate for each project. Paper can provide these possibilities, since the idea behind a packaging or container can be conveyed through a combination of colours, finishes and textures. Printing techniques, such as the digital method, are conducive to an even more personalised outcome.

Smart packaging and additional experiences

Thanks to technology, the relevance of packaging goes way beyond its physical appearance. The inclusion of QR codes, and even augmented reality, are tools that can offer consumers more information while maintaining an elaborate and elegant design. The simple gesture of reading these items with their own devices provides purchasers with an interactive experience.

This marketing ally offers the possibility of including special offers, additional information, discounts, recommending related products or numerous more details. It can also help them when they actually consume the product: how to make it, in the case of food, tips on how to apply it, in cosmetics, the source of the ingredients or composition, etc.

Unboxing as part of the consumption experience

The presentation of a packaging is not the only thing that matters in surprising the consumer. The inside should also be part of the experience. Which is why the inside should not be overlooked and must be factored into the design process as a part of the whole. This effect can be achieved in two ways: the inside can afford continuity to the colours and the finishes of the outside to create harmony; on the other hand, contrast can be leveraged to create a wow effect when the product is unboxed.

In both cases, the harmony between the inside and the outside must be guaranteed. This can be further combined with different branding elements on the inside, such as cards, a special attention-grabbing filling material or other surprising elements that take the unboxing experience to the next level.



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