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The environment

We work for our planet and our environment.

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We want to do our bit.

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New products that deliver greater environmental value.

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We reduce waste

20% of the waste generated in our paper manufacturing is reused in-company. The rest is reutilised by external companies.

Renewable energies

100% of the electrical energy that we use comes from renewable sources (biomass). Moreover, in order to reduce CO2 emissions, we have replaced fuel oil with natural gas.

We respect the water

We return 100% of the water to the environment following stringent quality and purity criteria. 90% in liquid state and the remaining 10% as water vapour.

Neutral pH and chlorine-free

Our papers are produced in a neutral and aqueous base with a pH of around 7, free of solvents and elemental chlorine, thus guaranteeing the paper’s harmlessness if it is not recycled.

No heavy metals

The paper that we manufacture is made with heavy metal-free raw materials, guaranteeing the safety of human beings and the environment.