Guarro Casas’ commitment to the environment is also a commitment to furthering the social progress of its environment and improving our community’s quality of life. This involvement translates into diverse sustainable and social actions.

Sustainable actions


Reduce light pollution

Changes in the exterior lighting of our plant over a surface area of 30,000 m2 to reduce the impact of light pollution on its natural environment and on the surrounding wildlife.

CO2 absorption

Tree-planting campaigns in the Nature Reserve of Montgrí in Torroella (Girona) for the absorption of CO2 corresponding to the manufacture of different products.

Social actions

Collaboration agreements with art and design schools for students to do their end-of-year assignments using paper with special attributes.

The transfer of material to schools and hospitals to perform different educational and social projects.

Collaboration agreements for students from different specialities from business and vocational training schools to get paid practical work experience.

Partners of the Fundación Josep Carreras, whose mission is to fight and conduct research into leukaemia.