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  • Material: Paper
  • Tipo de acabado: Felt-marked, Natural
  • Embossing: Grano Medio
  • Size: 70x50
  • Color: Lino
  • Grammage:

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Masterblank Lino

Ref. W0400090

The rough and natural surface of this paper, pleasant and cotton-like to the touch, flexible and strong, makes it compatible with any type of printing: offset, toner, HP Indigo®, stamping, dry relief and screen printing. Ideal for rustic binding as well as flexible packaging, either of its two white colours are perfect for cards, invitations, envelopes, paperback books, high-grammage covers, bands or dust jackets.


Flexible Packaging
Paperback Books
Printing and Graphic Design

Suitable for

Digital Printing
Hot Foil Stamping
Offset Printing
Silk-Screen and UV Printing
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