Protection of the environment is one of Guarro Casas’ strategic cornerstones. This commitment to the planet and to society is aligned with the company’s principles and values and enjoys the same relevance as the other business criteria that are essential to its management.
Guarro Casas’ commitment to environmental sustainability is a commitment to sustainable development, social progress and economic growth.
The fight against climate change is a strategic priority for Guarro Casas, whose core objectives include improving its energy efficiency, using renewable energies, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, recycling waste, promoting technological innovation to help to minimise our impact on the environment and analysing the new certifications that emerge every year, such as the ISO45000 or the Ecolabel, and how to obtain them.

Principles of action


In this domain, our company’s mission is to minimise the environmental impact of the activity that we carry on at our plant in Gelida (Barcelona), working respectfully and preventing pollution with a view to protecting the surrounding natural environment and delivering added value to society.

Guarro Casas’ commitment involves ensuring that its sustainability policy impregnates all the company’s business and organisational areas and levels.
We also seek to transfer this culture to our employees, collaborators, suppliers, clients, partners and other stakeholders.

Guarro Casas complies with all the legal and regulatory standards governing our sector, and has a Management System in place that guarantees environmental compliance in the operations related to our activity.
This system also guarantees the safety of our employees, contractors, suppliers, partners and the local community.

Our company leverages the efficiency of the different resources that it uses for its production processes to the full, such as power, water and other raw materials.

The company is committed to the Circular Economy and its products’ life cycle, both with regard to the source of the raw materials and the destination of its waste, thereby granting it a second lease of life.

Ongoing improvement
Our ongoing improvement plans for our industrial activities strive to embrace all the new environment-related developments in terms of standards and regulations, science and technology.

Guarro Casas fosters research and development into new technologies that will help to mitigate the impact of climate change and also permit the sustainable and efficient use of natural resources.

In order to ascertain the environmental impact of its industrial activity objectively, Guarro Casas has indicators and reporting systems in place that enable it to conduct regular evaluations of its environmental management system.

Guarro Casas relies on its employees to promote its sustainable development and that of its natural and social setting. To this end, it encourages awareness-raising among its employees, fostering their environmental training and active participation in ongoing improvement processes.

Interest groups
We convey Guarro Casas’ commitment to our employees, suppliers, clients, authorities and other interest groups to improve the enforcement of the legal requirements and to fulfil environmental expectations.

Guarro Casas has certificates that endorse our compliance with quality and sustainability standards and are proof of our company’s commitment to observing the standards and the requirements of our clients:

  • FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), a forestry management certificate which shows that the pulp used by the company comes from sustainable forests and from a socially responsible production chain, from its source through to the manufacture of the finished product, and which is verified by a chain of custody.
  • PEFC certification, a forestry certification system that attests to good forestry practices and guarantees that the forestry products are produced in fulfilment of the most stringent environmental, social and ethical standards.
  • REACH Declaration, a European regulation that straddles the process of registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemical substances to guarantee EU-wide regulatory consistency. Acceptance of REACH demonstrates that the papers produced by Guarro Casas and supplied to its clients do not contain carcinogenic or harmful substances for human beings or the environment.
  • Certificate of use of renewable energy issued by the Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia (CNMC) on the use of renewable energies, more specifically biomass technology, at our production facility.
  • ISO 9001 Certification, a quality management system issued by AENOR that endorses our company’s management capacity to cater to its clients’ needs.
  • ISO 14001 Certification, an environmental management system issued by AENOR which systematically classifies the environmental aspects generated in each one of the activities carried on at our company, besides promoting environmental protection and the prevention of contamination in a way that is aligned with socio-economic aspects.
  • OHSAS 18001 Certification, an occupational safety and health management system issued by PRÉVENON, which endorses the control of the risks associated with our industrial activity.

Declaration of intentions

All the people employed at Guarro Casas embrace the environmental principles described above and accept our responsibility for carrying them out.

Being able to implement ongoing improvement in our professional activity to have a positive impact on our environment and on society in general is a source of pride and an ethical obligation for us.

Gelida, February 2022