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Guarro Casas S.A

In Guarro Casas we have more than three hundred and twenty years of history.

We apply this experience every day to our high quality papers and covering materials. We are a motivated and dynamic team that implements innovation and well done work to our daily routine.

We all follow one goal: to meet the needs of our customers. We offer unique experiences and emotions to the senses, ensuring quality in every detail.

These values let us arrive to the XXI century being present in more than 60 different countries, with more than 600 stock references and more than 40 different product ranges, all of them used in the main editorial projects around Europe, the finest luxury packaging creations, as well as for printing and communication materials.


  • 1698 - Guarro Casas was founded by Ramon Guarro at Torre de Claramunt (Catalonia)
  • 1773 - The king Charles III gave tax privileges to Francisco and Pedro Guarro for the high quality of their papers.
  • 1783 - Gelida facilities were bought (current headquarters)
  • 1825 – 1835 – Starts the product exportation to America.
  • 1888 – Gold Medal in the Barcelona’s World Expo.
  • 1889 – Smoking paper was produced and we patented the fine cardboard for playing cards.
  • 1910 – World Expo prize at Brussels.
  • 1920 – 1930 – Special papers for Picasso, Miró, Dalí and García Lorca were started to be produced.
  • 1948 – Guarro Casas reached the number of 52 paper mills all around Spain.
  • 1950 – The company became a join-stock company.
  • 1954 – Cotton fiber production was changed to cellulosic fiber.
  • 1970 – Guarro Casas was introduced into the show market. One year later, Guarro Casas extended its sales into the leather goods markets.
  • 1975 – Guarro Casas bought Bernad Dumas and starts its expansion across Europe.
  • 80’s – 4 subsidiaries were created in Latin America.
  • 1990 – Guarro Casas joined the Arjomari group.
  • 1991 – Arjomari and Wiggins Teape Appleton created the current Arjowiggins group.
  • XXI Century – Guarro Casas it is focused on special papers production for binding and luxury packaging.
Guarro Casas aerial factory
Guarro Casas Tubs

Our products

The majority of our papers are produced with long fibers. This feature give a high mechanical features to our papers.

During our production process we only use high quality additives and pigments, assuring the greatest results on color brightness, color homogeneity and light fastness among other features.

According the final look of the paper, many transformations will be done to get the final result like ultra-soft or rubbery touch, textured, embossed, shiny, matt, stamped, etc.

Everything in our products is in constant evolution to adapt them to our client’s necessities and the market needs.


We are moved by a profound respect for the planet, our environment and the security of workers. Thus, our products must be efficient in terms of raw material consumption and innocuous for the environment.

“100% of our products are watery based”

“We offer FSC® material certification on demand”

“Most of our papers are manufactured with neutral pH“

“We are work for the safety and welfare of people. Therefore we dispose of the OHSAS 18001 certification, proving the good management of occupational safety and health”

“We apply the quality normative ISO 9001 and environment management ISO 14001“

Guarro Casas Fiber
Guarro Casas Quality

Our Values

Client first

We work to offer you more than products. All our employees are involved in all product steps, to grant that the product, the attention given till you get the product were superb.


Since 1698, Guarro Casas thanks to our employees’ professionalism, with a wide experience, have created innovative products, creating trends over the years. In XXI century we still research and create desired and copied products by our competitors.

Socially commited

Companies are part of our society, which is the reason why we try to reinvest on it. We work closely with Josep Carrera Leukemia Foundation, besides other associations and schools. We try to help our children and young people to grow up happily and well prepared.


We are involved with our planet. With the objective that all of us could enjoy it, we have been taking care of it for more than 300 years. Assuring our activity keep it for us and future generations. Also responsible with our employees. We take care of them in their working places, avoiding risks and making from the working necessity something pleasant. Involved with these objectives, we implement with the environmental standard ISO 14000 and 18001 requirements on health and safety at the working place.